Seven Sisters Masjid

We’re open for five daily prayers and Jummah/ Friday prayer. 

since 2005

Welcome to Seven Sisters Masjid

- Sheikh Imam Abdul Razak

Seven Sister Masjid serves as a place of worship, a source of advice and support for Muslims in the area and London in general.

Our mosque is open for Muslims of all backgrounds, race and nationality. We work with other mosques in the area as well as all other local community groups to ensure a safer and better Tottenham from which Muslims and non-Muslims can mutually benefit.

We also provide Islamic guidance and counselling services in the areas of marriage, divorce, naming ceremonies and bereavements.

We raise funds through members’ charitable donations to purchase and expand the current building we occupy as Mosque and welfare Centre

Our Madrassa

We provide Islamic Education children aged 6 to 16. Our programme is robust and we use innovative teaching methods to ensure that all the children get the islamic knowledge that’ll help them become better Muslims.

Prayer time

The Masjid is open for the five daily prayers.

Supporting activities

Seven Sisters Masjid

Jummah/ Friday Prayers

The Masjid is open every Friday for Muslims to gather and pray. Both floors are regularly packed with worshipers of different backgrounds. 

5 Daily Prayers

The masjid is opened everyday to serve the primary function of the five daily prayer. 

Also, Two or three Eid prayers are observed to cater for the growing number of worshippers.


Our Madrasah is open for the teaching of Qur’an, Arabic and other Islamic sciences.

Ta’lim/Halaqaat (study circles) are organised for adult members who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of Islam and Qur’an.

Counselling & advice

Counselling covers areas such as marriage, family disputes, divorce matters, child up-bring issues, domestic violence, unfair treatment of partners, financial disputes and many other social issues.

Ramadhan Activities

The Mosque engages members of the community with series of useful programmes to maximise their rewards from Allah in the blessed month of Ramadan. Among such activities are: Tafsir of Qur’an, Iftar, Taraweh prayer, Seminars and Ihtikaf.

Kids activities

Quiz and Qur’an reading competition are organised every year during the celebrations to test the knowledge of our kids and youth on Islam and the Qur’an

Nikkah & Aqiqah

The masjid has hosted countless number of weddings and naming ceremonies in the masjid.

Community activities

The building is also used by GMWC to organise community events. We’ve hosted prominent Islamic scholars,  The President of Ghana, Tottenham MP and many dignitaries.

Upcoming Events

Audios & Videos

watch this space for videos and audios of activities held at the masjid. 


We’re now faced with eviction for redevelopment.


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